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We save you Money and Time

Avoid long waits at the doctor's office, emergency room or urgent care center

Doctor available 24/7
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Our Service

Our Dietitians assess and deliver scientific evidence-based nutritional advice in a variety of settings to improve your health and well being
Medical Doctor
Our certified Doctors can treat most common non-emergency medical conditions to make you feel better
Our Psychologists can address emotional issues to help you feel better

What We Treat

Medical Doctors and Psychologists available 24/7 for urgent but not life threatening cases
Cold & Flu
Cold & Flu
Cold & Flu
Sore Throat
Cold & Flu
Cold & Flu
Cold & Flu
Minor injuries
Cold & Flu
Urinary Tract Infections
Cold & Flu
Cold & Flu
Cold & Flu
Cold & Flu




To see a medical professional is FREE of charge. All you need is a smartphone or a computer with internet connection!



Our Team

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Doctors can treat most common non-emergency medical conditions over video

Our Clients

Delivering reliable healthcare consultation to your employees, at the touch of a button.

For employers that need to improve productivity and workplace efficiency See-A-Doctor is an online tele-medicine platform, that provides seamless and affordable healthcare to your employees.